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Kardooz is a completely customizable digital business card. After you sign up on iOS, Android, or the web, you’ll be able to create and personalize your first virtual business card. You can create as many business cards as you’d like, with different information on each card. Make a card for your work contacts, one for clients or customers, and one for your friends.

Always Up-To-Date Contact Information

Change settings and update information as often as you want.

Beautiful Design

Choose from a number of beautiful designs.

Data and Statistics

Keep track of how many times you used your card. Live data and link tracking will help you optimize your profile.

Why Kardooz?

Going digital is better for both networking and the environment. Virtual cards are always available when you need them and never run out, so you’ll never need to order more.

Express yourself in ways never before possible with a business card. You can showcase your work by uploading rich content.

The shortest route to your customers is through their mobile phones. Utilize our share options and take your brand viral by sharing your Kardooz with your clients and friends.

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Affordable

  • Always up-to-date

  • Convenient

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150 k

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70 k

Card Shares

Beautiful Interface

Choose a plan that's right for you

Our Pricing Plans


₹700 | $10/year

  • Create upto 10 cards
  • Choose from greate designs
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  • Create upto 10 cards
  • Choose from greate designs
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  • Create upto 20 cards
  • Choose from greate designs
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  • Create upto 100 cards
  • Choose from greate designs
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Resent Feedback

Help of the following FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Can I get this card with my own branding?

The card can be made with your own logo and company informatio. Change settings and update information as often as you want.

02. Can I update the information on my card?

In your account you will be able to update your contact information as often as you want. Changes made are reflected in real time on the card.

03. Does this work with all phones?

All phones, Apple, Android, and other phone that have a browser can open Kardooz.

04. Can I become a reseller?

We offer various reseller options. Please contact us for more information.


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